Monday, May 17, 2010

MWE Memories

May: This month was dedicated to putting it all together. We had a deadline of May 13 which was the groundbreaking ceremony for the new MWE. Perhaps the most difficult part of the project was the editing. We found it easier to put the entire video on one Mac book however this was not conducive to multiple editors. All movie and picture files had to be brought in through iphoto so this limited us to one Mac book also. We could import picture files from the server but it was more challenging to import movie files. The plan for the students is to let them customize their own MWE video. They took all of the photos and supplied all of the video segments for the video. We will now let them customize their own video!

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  1. I've seen the final product but can't wait to see how the kids personalize their one versions. Are they working on this now. This video legacy project will be one to archive in our Time Capsule. I'm wondering what will happen when the time capsule is opened in the future...will all present look at the DVD and ask "what is that thing?"