Monday, May 17, 2010

TEAM work

February: Students continued researching the past and present of Meadow Wood for our Legacy Project. Teams started brainstorming questions to ask the community, past students, parents, and teachers. Most importantly interview teams developed their questioning scripts:
Student interviews - Leading questions:
1) Who are the lifers? Have been at MWE since PK
2) What students have had or have siblings attending MWE with them?
3) How many MWE alums have children of their own attending MWE?
4) Any husband/wife who both attended MWE and now have their children attending MWE?
5) Organize questions for interviewing students.
Teacher interviews - Leading questions:
1) How long have you been teaching? At MWE?
2) What is your favorite memory of MWE?
3) Why did you choose to work at MWE?
Students were set up on mysbisd email accounts. They used these to communicate with the teachers to schedule convenient interview times. These accounts were challenging for the students to remember their passwords. We had to keep a reference list handy so that they could access their email.

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